SkyWorks Holdings and InterVISTAS Consulting Group Announce Formation of SkyWorks/IPG and Launch of SAAVNet

Greenwich, CT
January 18, 2016

SkyWorks Holdings and InterVISTAS Consulting Group Announce Formation of SkyWorks/IPG and Launch of SAAVNet

SkyWorks Holdings, LLC, a premier aviation asset management, investment banking, and advisory firm, and InterVISTAS Consulting Inc., a leading management consultancy in aviation, transportation and tourism, announced today the establishment of SkyWorks/IPG, which joins together the capabilities of both firms to offer integrated solutions for airline network and fleet planning. In addition, SkyWorks/IPG announcedthe launch of SAAVNet to provide the industry’s first analytical platform for integrated decision support in these planning functions.

"SkyWorks is excited to launch this partnership with InterVISTAS," said Thomas Mahr,CEO of SkyWorks Holdings. "SkyWorks/IPG will offer highly value added solutions for commercial airlines that will increase their effectiveness in fleet asset management."  "We are pleased to join with SkyWorks to develop next generation solutions for the global aviation industry," said Deborah Meehan, President of InterVISTAS. "Our collective experience and expertise in advanced passenger choice and market share modelling provides a platform to offer truly differentiated solutions for an evolving and increasingly complex industry. In addition, our approach to data capture and application delivers a more accurate outcome than other popular solutions in the market. Using advanced modeling techniques with reliable data allows InterVISTAS to provide real solutions to its clients.”

Steven Gaal, COO of SkyWorks Holdings, has spearheaded development of the SAAVNet solution. “Current generation aircraft can often satisfy existing network requirements with high reliability and superior economics, once factoring in ownership costs, even at higher fuel prices. Existing fleets are often a sunk cost and aircraft operating lessors have evolved as an alternative source of aircraft supply. These and other factors are resulting in airlines revisiting and modifying current business strategies, whichSkyWorks/IPG will assist airlines with identifying and implementing,” said Gaal.

About SkyWorks Holdings, LLC

SkyWorks Holdings provides a full complement of asset management, investment banking, and management consulting services globally to the aviation industry through its subsidiaries SkyWorks Leasing and SkyWorks Capital. SkyWorks Leasing, which operates the firm’s Asset Management Group, is a premier independent aircraft remarketing firm and provides turnkey third-party portfolio asset management, remarketing, and technical advisory services for owners and operators of commercial aircraft. SkyWorks Leasing currently manages a diverse portfolio of over 100 aircraft, including ERJ’s, CRJ’s, Airbus A319/320s and A300-600Fs, Boeing 737NGs, 757s, 767s, and 747-400Fs. SkyWorks Capital, which operates the firm’s Investment Banking and Management Consulting Groups, is a premier aviation advisory and investment banking firm founded in 2002. SkyWorks Capital has served over 100 clients including commercial airlines, aircraft owners, and airline/aerospace investors. Collectively, SkyWorks has performed services encompassing over 10% of the global commercial jet fleet. SkyWorks operates globally with offices in Greenwich, Dublin, and Hong Kong, and senior team members located in additional regions around the world. SkyWorks is headquartered at 283 Greenwich Ave., 4th Floor, Greenwich, CT. 06830, Tel. 203-983-6677.

About InterVISTAS Consulting Group

InterVISTAS Consulting Group is a management consultancy that specializes in strategic commercial, operational, and financial services for passenger and cargo airlines worldwide. InterVISTAS works with airlines to address profitability and marketing issues. In order to help our clients in their battle to survive and thrive, our airline consultancy services cover the complete life cycle – from strategy through to implementation, and span the spectrum of airline management functions. InterVISTAS’ strategic insight and tactical expertise are supported by quantitative analysis using both proprietary and leading industry third-party systems. In the United States, InterVISTAS is headquarteredat 1150 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 601, Washington, DC 20036, Tel. 202-688-2220.

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